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i'm an anarcho transmasc nonbinary neurospicy delusional non-practicing intellecual and i'm very pleased to meet you :3

welcome to my website!

“La esperanza está, primordialmente, en los que no hallan consuelo” -Theodor Adorno


here is where i will put links to other websites and cool places, but i dont have any


music ive been listening to lately


my fav right now: anees

carta astral

i dont believe in this things but is for the asterik

Sol 7º 39' Sagitario
Luna 18º 0' Capricornio
Mercurio 23º 27' Escorpio
Venus 19º 40' Capricornio
Marte 15º 36' Libra
Jupiter 5º 56' Geminis
Saturno 26º 40' Tauro
Urano 17º 22' Acuario
Neptuno 4º 20' Acuario
Pluton 12º 32' Sagitario
Ascendente 21º 34' Acuario

stolen memes

here are some memes that are only funny for me, also i stole all of them and i am not sorry

see more in my telegram channel

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